We facilitate partnerships by building connections between the educators, researchers, policy makers, administrators, and community members in the state of Wisconsin.

We promote engagement by creating opportunities for all stakeholders in education to meet with different people around their shared interests, thereby promoting the flow of social capital.

We help apply research to inform policy development, as well as promising areas of professional learning and practice. We also support collaborative research efforts, especially by identifying funding opportunities and co-developing grants.

The Network coordinates the Grand Challenges initiative for the School of Education.

The UW-Madison School of Education’s Grand Challenges is a grant program to support research and practice in education, health and creative expression. It seeks to spark interdisciplinary projects to realize the Wisconsin Idea.


Network Fellows are graduate students who partner with community organizations to fulfill the Wisconsin Idea


Organizations work with talented students to not only gain access to their work, but also gain access to the knowledge and resources generated by the University of Wisconsin - Madison across the areas of research, policy, and practice